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Piercing center Rio de Janeiro rj

Atualizado: 24 de jun. de 2022

Piercing is a body modification that can help you express yourself and express your personal style. As a permanent modification, it is important to entrust your piercings to experienced professionals and, most importantly, to specialists working in a clean and sterile environment.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Don't look for any "piercing shop near you". Smoke Dragon Tattoo e Piercing is the piercing shop in downtown Rio de Janeiro that you can choose from, your safety and your body art are taken very seriously. You are not just another customer; you are someone who trusts our work to make the changes you want. We make sure you know exactly what the process involves and provide instructions on aftercare to prevent infections.

We are a family owned and operated business.

“Piercing studio near me” as a reason for you to choose a specific store for your body art is not the right answer. Do your due diligence. You should meet with Body Piercer, make sure he understands your vision, check for cleanliness and a business license in the store, and read customer reviews. Many people avoid the “most common and disqualified piercing shops” and come to Smoke Drgon Tattoo and piercing in downtown Rio de Janeiro because of the specialized service, level of detail and cleanliness that we offer.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Ears, septum, lip, nipples, navel - we pierce all that and more! Even if it is your first piercing, you will feel at home, comfortable and relaxed as we guide you through the process. Discreet rooms are set up for privacy when drilling private parts, and you are never put in a position where you feel uncomfortable with the drill or the process.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Don't just look for “Any body piercing shop”, when you decide to express yourself through body modifications. Come to Smoke Dragon tattoo and piercing you will be surprised by the result of our piercings and by our experience of more than 18 years of serious and high quality work.

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Smoke Dragon Tattoo e Piercing

Rua da Conceiçao 25 B centro Rio de Janeiro


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